Our Clients Say


My story is similar to many others. I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t abusing drugs or alcohol. I share the same insanity as those who live through the hell of addiction yet are convinced there is no problem. My life was collapsing all around me. My friends and family were helpless bystanders painfully witnessing my self-destruction. For me, there were only two options. One lead to selfish devastation and wreckage. The other was an honest program, if followed thoroughly, promised to lead to a better life.

"Before I arrived at the Samaritan House I was completely drained; emotionally, physically and spiritually broken. I needed help. I had tried to do it on my own and failed every time. It is called recovery and that is what I wanted, to recover. I not only found the structure and support I needed, I was surrounded by others who shared in my experiences. The rules and attitude, counsel and security of the Samaritan House were tools that helped me start to rebuild my life. However, prevention and maintenance are what is stressed. I will always be addict and alcoholic, that won’t change. It is here I realized there is hope and direction. To me, Samaritan House is hallowed ground, it is my redemption.

"It is summer time and as I sit elbow to elbow at the dinner table with my fellows, there is a thunderstorm spitting hail and lightening outside. Eating our spaghetti and garlic bread, the conversation is excited, upbeat and rambunctious. However, some of us remember what is was like being homeless and scared. No one says it, but we all take a moment and think about those of us who are still out there, stuck in the storm. Thank God for the Samaritan House, as we pray for those still struggling." - Jon, Samaritan House Client, June 2015

"I started drinking early in life, about 15 years old. Before I knew it, I was a full-blown alcoholic. This went on for years. I lost 3 very important people in my life and it caused me to get even worse. I didn't think I could function without alcohol. I went to a couple of rehab places but not by choice. The law played a major role in that.

When I decided to try rehab again, it was for me. I prayed to God for help and He came through. After rehab, I went to the Sam House wanting to change my life around. At first it seemed difficult because I was away from home, but with the help of Mike Goldfaden, Darryl Shade and Meghan Arellano (Sam House staff) I learned about how different aspects of this program really work. You really have to be willing to comply with the structure of the house rules and the tools they give you to work with.

My life has made a turn for the best. I have a job and am involved in school to get my GED so I can go to a tech school to pursue a career. I am 2 years and 9 months strong and sober. I am moving on in life and making conscious decisions that will impact my future. The Sam House is a great place. I recommend this house to everyone. It will give you the tools and structure you need to stay sober in life." —Marvin F.- April 2015

"I am  26 years old, and I want to share my Samaritan House success story. I have a history of alcohol abuse and drug addiction that I have struggled with for several years. I tried some treatment experiences but my life was out of control and I ended up in state prison. While there, I had time to reflect on the life I was living and I became committed to change in order to live a more productive and quality life. After release, I realized that instead of being sent to a court ordered facility, I applied to Samaritan House after hearing reports from men who had successful treatment and recovery stories. Once at Sam House, I began to copy those successful people around me by working with great counselors who provided a treatment plan that offered me an opportunity for a better life.  Months later, I have been working the 12 steps, I have a fulltime job (and just got a promotion!), and I'm as healthy as I have ever been. With these major improvements in my life, I can now picture my new life and I'm finally beginning to experience the joy of success I've missed for so long. Thank you Samaritan House!" - R.

"The Samaritan House has played a huge role in my ongoing recovery process from alcoholism. After my stay at a 28-day inpatient program, I came to the Sam House for continued treatment. The sober fellowship and rules to live by have helped me become a sober member of society again. Fresh out of treatment, the first three months at Sam House has truly changed my life. I've been able to rebuild my business and regain the trust and respect of my family, friends and peers in the workplace. Thank God for this institution and the assistance it gives recovering addicts and alcoholics in rejoining the real world of sober living." - Barry, Anne Arundel County

"The program introduced me to a better way of living and instilled the tools needed to be a good husband and father to my family." - Jack, Anne Arundel County

"[My son] stayed at Samaritan House for a total of ten months. He stayed clean and sober and learned how to live life in a community environment. He was required to maintain a job, he received counseling, particpated in cleaning, cooking and household chores and established good social habits. Now, several years later, he is clean and sober. I am very grateful for the fresh start given to my son by the Samaritan House." - Nancy, Annapolis

"Quite simply, the Samaritan House, through 'rules and consequences' taught me personal responsibility one day at a time. It was the best decision I've ever made toward independence," - former client, Anne Arundel County. 


Before coming to Samaritan House in Annapolis, Bill (not his real name) lived on a pier in Glen Burnie, slept in an outhouse when it rained, and often went weeks without showering. He sold his food stamps to feed his crack addiction and dragged himself three miles one way to a local church for meals. He had a minor court record and had relapsed twice. Although he wanted to be a good father and grandfather, his addiction was just too strong. At the age of 48, he was homeless, unemployed, and broke. Bill felt hopeless.

Bill ended up in the Anne Arundel County Circuit Drug Court Program. After stays at two other local rehab facilities, he was referred to Samaritan House in Annapolis in January 2014.

Today, Bill has been clean for almost 11 months and recently graduated from the Drug Court Program. He is proud of the fact that he has been able to buy a car and obtain dental treatment. Soon he will take the next step in his journey to recovery when he transitions to Sam House’s Three Quarter House. As Bill looks forward, he cannot put into words how much his life changed for the better. He knows the road to recovery is not easy, but he has hope.

“When people I had known all my life would not acknowledge me,” Bill said, “Sam House offered the support he needed to change his life. This place has been a God send. It saved my life”.

"Jeff" is 59 years old, with a history of alcohol and opiate addiction. He has been in treatment over 15 times, including several halfway houses. Jeff has struggled with depression and has been admitted to psychiatric hospitals numerous times for suicide attempts. He has an extensive criminal background and has spent over 10 years incarcerated. Jeff came to Samaritan House in January of 2014. At the time he was homeless and told staff that rather than be at Sam House he could easily return to the woods.

After struggling for several months to find a job, he was hired by a local company. He also took on the responsibility of Sam House kitchen management, working as the house chef. He is fully engaged in all aspects of treatment and has become a group and community member.

Jeff now says he cannot imagine returning to his old life. He wants nothing more than to be a responsible member of society, pay his rent, pay his debts and continue his treatment.

Jeff graduated from Samaritan House in June 2014 and transitioned to our 3/4 House. 

This is what we are all about. Thank you for your support.